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I'm a tech (and emoji) enthusiast keen on data, design, and code. I love teamwork, working on meaningful problems, and creating engaging experiences. Please check out my design portfolio below and email me if you would like to learn more about my work.

Wake Sets

Designed 2015, Launched 2016

As Wake's first in-house designer, I used the feedback and collaboration tool I was designing every day to collaborate and get feedback on those very same designs (meta, I know). In addition to launching Sets, a new feature for grouping files, my role as product designer for the suite of web, iOS, and Mac apps, also extended to user & market research, product strategy, front-end development, analytics, product marketing, customer support, as well as creating content for the blog and Twitter.

StyleSeat Pro-signup

Designed & Launched 2015

Designing for the supply side of StyleSeat's marketplace, I worked closely with product managers, data analysts, and engineers to collect data, assess opportunities, and run split tests. We used this data and findings from user research and competitive analysis to optimize the signup flow for beauty and wellness professionals new to the platform, with the overall goal of helping them gain more clients and successfully manage their business.

Teespring Designer

Designed & Launched 2015

I led efforts for the redesign of Teespring's apparel designer app and campaign creation flow. My responsibilities ranged from data analysis and A/B testing to wireframing, prototyping, and visual design. I also closely collaborated with the business development team to concept ideas and create designs to pitch to potential partners, resulting in a lucrative partnership deal with the NFL.

Teespring Designer Teespring Designer Teespring Designer

Teespring University

Designed & Launched 2014

Working with marketing, copywriting, product and engineering teams, I was lead designer on Teespring University, a seller-facing educational site focused on transforming current and potential future users into highly successful power sellers. My work encompassed creative direction, wireframing, UI design, illustration, and more broadly, style guide development for Teespring as a platform.

Teespring University Teespring University Teespring University

Yahoo Mobile Search

Designed 2014, Launched 2015

With a team of talented fellow designers, product managers, and engineers, we undertook the ambitious endeavor to reimagine Yahoo’s mobile search experience to compete with Google's market stranglehold. Finding myself often rooting for the underdog, my role at Yahoo spanned product ideation, wireframing, visual design, prototyping interactions, as well as user research and usability testing.

Yahoo Mobile Search Yahoo Mobile Search Yahoo Mobile Search

Indiegogo iOS App

Designed 2014

A redesign of Indiegogo's campaign page on iOS, exploring an updated and cleaner visual design, as well as a more modular layout. Employing interaction patterns like a sticky "Contribute Now" button, in addition to a collapsible and expandable container housing different funding tiers, allows users a more digestible format for learning about campaigns and making contributions while on the go.

Indiegogo Mobile App Indiegogo Mobile App Indiegogo Mobile App

Fastdraw iPad App

Designed & Launched 2013

A client project while working at FadingRed, I was sole designer on FastDraw, an iPad basketball playbook planner that lets coaches easily draw, organize, and share plays with other coaches and players. Having ardently crafted and coded every pixel, we handed over the project to Fastdraw's team and it's currently used by many of the top NBA teams and over 500 NCAA basketball programs.

Fastdraw iPad App Fastdraw iPad App Fastdraw iPad App

Koku Mac and iOS App

Designed & Launched 2013

At FadingRed, a tiny but awesome Chicago software shop, I worked as lead designer for a brand redesign and new budgeting feature for the company's flagship app Koku, a personal finance tool for Mac and iOS. Selected by Apple for feature in both Mac and iOS app stores, my work included everything from creating icons, to UI and UX design, and jumping into Xcode to tweak font sizes and drop shadows.

Koku Koku Koku


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